Towing Services

If after your accident your vehicle is unable to make it to our workshop under its own power, we can arrange to have your vehicle brought to us by coordinating with local towing services.

Give our office a call on (03) 5243 8433 to arrange for your vehicle to be taken to our workshop after an accident, to get repairs underway as soon as possible.

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Insurance Claims

Our friendly and professional office staff are happy to assist customers with insurance claim procedures, whether the damage from the accident is minor or extensive.

Our online claims management systems and experience dealing with some of Australia’s most prominent insurance providers allow us to get an optimal result for our valued customers’ claims.

Not At Fault??

Not at fault? Let our team take care of your claim from start to finish. Why be told where to go by someone else’s insurance company?

Your vehicle, your choice of repairer.

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Chassis Alignment

In most cases after a minor accident, the very structure of your vehicle is OK, but in the event it is misaligned, it can make your car dangerous to drive at best and impossible to drive at worst.

At Max Fry Smash Repairs we use the latest in chassis measurement and alignment technology and equipment to compare the current condition of your vehicle’s chassis to its manufacturer’s showroom standards before setting to work realigning your chassis, ensuring your vehicle is as close as possible to its original condition.

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Panel Repairs

Here at Max Fry Smash Repairs we understand how frustrating it can be for a driver’s pride and joy to just not look right after a collision.

If your car has extensive panel damage, our team of experienced, professional panel beaters will use the latest in welding and repair equipment to find and correct severe dents, bumps, scratches and damaged parts to your vehicle’s outer shell.

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Paintless Dent Repair and Windscreen Replacement

In many cases, minor damage to your vehicle’s panels such as hail or stone damage can be repaired without causing damage to the layer of paint above.

If part of your insurance is for free piece of glass per annum or your screen is stone affected and you want to replace it, we are here to help.

Our workshop is equipped with the specialty tools required to conduct paintless dent removal on your car’s body, saving you the time and cost of a new coat of paint.

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Spray Painting

Between car park scrapes and on-road accidents, or the harsh UV rays of sunlight fading the colour, our weather is not kind to vehicle paintwork.

Here at Max Fry Smash Repairs, our expert spray painters are fully equipped and skilled to help you with any and all spray painting needs, whether it’s a brand new coat of paint, custom work, or just touching up a faded or chipped coat.

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We provide rectification, clean up, abrasive cutting to fine polishing of your vehicles exterior and also interior vacuum clean and complete seats, carpet, and upholstery. Steam cleaning available through Max Fry.

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Our team at Max Fry Smash Repairs loves nothing more than breathing new life into your cherished classic car or sentimental favourite vehicle that may have seen better days.

Our team of experienced technicians and tradespeople will treat your loved car as their own, providing panel repairs, spray painting and detailing to make your older vehicle look better than new.

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